We have been offering our expertise in the Georgian market since 2014.

Experience in building and developing logistics and courier businesses in 5 countries , developing a franchise, customer service, managing a full cycle of logistics in distribution and retail companies.

Leading Georgian Retail brands have been working with our team for 5 years.

Join #1 app to delivery in your life.

Our team’s international and Georgian experience works 24/7 for your company’s benefit. We invest our skills and expertise into cooperation with our clients. It is widely known that one learns best from someone else’s mistakes; you will not have to pay twice or waste company’s money on experience.

Expenses & Profits

Get today the opportunity to reduce costs for each purchase and increase the number of repeat orders. Right now, with our solutions and Team

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Tracking Service

Get status of delivery, feebdack and insights from your customers directly using the API, Customer Portal and from our Support Team

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Price flexibility

Create your own prices for servicing your logistics tasks. Flexibility of solutions and flexibility in pricing. We see uniqueness in each client.

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Fast and reliable service,
just like your customers love

So how does it work? Let’s check our Services.

Value of

Helping business to increase e-commerce channels, logistics solutions, reduce costs and scale up fast.

Delivery from 1 attempt

Posté has been in the delivery and logistics field for a long time. What makes us different from other companies?

We work to pre-empt problems and plan solutions in advance, which makes us able to anticipate difficulties and pay attention to aspects that require it most, such

Key benefits

1. More services

More services and flexibility in business (compared to DHL, TNT or Georgian Post) . A full range of logistic & delivery services in one company! You don't have to look for several partners to organize the working process. You can be sure that the entire logistics part of your business is in the right hands

2. Detailed " Last mile " solution

67% of companies are faced with the problem of delivering goods from WH to the consumer. We easily solve this problem thanking to our experience, knowledge and professional team.

3. Flexy services

Saving your human resources and time for more 22% per each order

We are covered 87% territory of Georgia

Lack of experience. Posté has many years under its belt and is eager to use it, along with our accumulated knowledge, for your benefit. We can build up your entire supply chain, increase your company’s profits and make your clients happy!

Key experiences

4. Georgian Retail Experience

Leading Georgian Retail brands have been working with our team for 5 years. Launch of new client services for retail companies in Georgia

5. International Team experience

Experience in building and developing logistics and courier businesses in 5 countries , developing a franchise, customer service, managing a full cycle of logistics in distribution and retail companies.

6. Full pack of cargo/logistics tasks

Experience in distribution of FMCG goods. Ability to deliver and handle goods of the DIY and Large Household Appliances. Delivery of payment cards and financial documents. Sorting and picking orders for wine companies (producers). This is not a complete list of our skills.

We do not sell delivery rates. We do not sell kilogram / delivery or city / delivery. We provide assistance in solving the problems of your business so that your customers feel happy!

Key Steps

7. We will discuss your customers

Define your needs in business tasks and tell us about your customers in each sales channel (B2B, B2C, P2C). Let us know what your customers want

8. Let's clarify how to make them happy

We will offer you a set of all logistics services. Let's see where we can optimize your time and costs, and where we can improve the service and make it reliable.

9. Testing new oportunities

We will test collaboration and see new opportunities for launching services and services (new products and offers) that will help you create loyalty among your customers.

couriers and workers

We train our resources in new technologies and the ability to convey all brand values to our customers.

Corporate B2B & B2C

We’ve structured our workflow processes for most popular ecommerce & retail segments.

Towns and villages
geography of delivery

Our logistics infrastructure is located in different points of Georgia and provides full coverage of the country.

Try working with us and make sure that Poste is exactly part of the puzzle that your business lacked!

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